Tuesday’s COMM 1321 class (October 2)

Assign groups for upcoming team project.

Talk about the upcoming speech: Persuasive presentation (Business Keywords 2): You will give a 4:00-6:00 presentation, in which you convince your audience of a specific solution/perspective/position related to the business keyword that you presented on previously. This presentation also requires academic research and a formal outline. This presentation also requires an audio/visual aid that is used to help your audience understand your topic. You should have at least four sources (at least 3 must be new sources) and your outline should use APA citation guidelines. This presentation should also use an appropriate organizational pattern (problem-solution, comparative advantages, criteria satisfaction, motivated sequence, or hybrid).

Go over persuasion (Chapter 09) and strategies.


Write a persuasive outline based on the info given.

Midterm is now open. We will not have class Thursday. Mid-term is due October 8 at 11:59 p.m. Your exam can only be taken once, and you need to complete the entire exam in one sitting. I would suggest that you answer the questions in a word document and then paste the answers into the text boxes.


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