PR Wrting Class Notes (Monday, Sept. 24)

Class, I apologize in advance, but I won’t be able to hold class today. 

Please read do the following assignments: 

a. Answer this Discussion Board in the textbook: Who do you consider a thought leader? Why or why not? Provide substantive content and examples for your classmates (e.g., links).

b.  Define what thought leadership means to you. What are some actions you will want to take to become a thought leader in this area? What are some things you will make sure you do not want to do. Write these down and present these to the class.

c. Create a list of topics you are passionate about and would want to start building on as part of your personal brand and thought leadership. Highlight three pieces of content you want to create and share with your community to showcase these topics. Create at least one of those pieces. 

Extra Credit Opportunity: Research a topic you would want to create a piece of content for an ebook. Conduct your research, do interviews, collect materials to showcase, and design the ebook. Have a strategic plan in place for how to market and share this piece of content with the community.

Please link your thought leadership assignments to this blog post.


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  1. A.
    I consider Rob Kramer a thought leader, because he thoroughly understands what our society and single individuals strive for when he creates new ideas.
    Here is a link that gives an example of what he has created from being an entrepreneur, futurist, and thinker. His whole entire career motto is having the willingness to embrace change and do better for others.
    Here is another link to his Linkedin account, showing all of the roles and organizations he is associated with.
    Thought leadership means that a person sets goals, understands and communicates within the organization as a whole, while also showing a passion and creativity within their expertise.

    Some actions that I will want to take to become a leader in this area:
    -Being able to engage inside and outside of organization/company/etc.
    -Being completely invested to org/co/etc.
    -Proactively establish myself in positive light

    Some things I do not want to do:
    -Creating a project, thinking it was a wonderful idea, and the actual goal is not being achieved. Basically, not being able to reach the publics about the certain objectives the company wanted. -Not having content for the appropriate cause.
    -Not being able to devote my time into my work and into projects that I’ll create.

    -Registering to Vote (social media updates, blog posts, email marketing, podcasts)
    -Eating Healthy/Skin Care/Vitamins
    -Local Animal Shelters (social media updates, live videos, blog posts)

    (1) Your soon to be best friend is waiting for you…
    10:00am-5:00pm @2050 Spindletop Rd.

    (2) Don’t forget to stop in… fall in love… and ADOPT one of our sweet furry friends TODAY! They are so excited to meet you!
    10:00am-5:00pm @2050 Spindletop Rd.
    (3) Is it a Bird? A Cat? A Dog?
    Doesn’t matter.. They want YOU to ADOPT them!
    10:00am-5:00pm @2050 Spindletop Rd.

    -Breast Cancer Awareness
    -Endanger Animals
    -Conservation work (live videos, webinars, social media updates, blog posts)

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