Monday’s PR Writing Class

Review the steps in Made to Stick:


Fact sheet — Fact sheets are fact filled public relations documents, usually one to two pages in length, that provide key background information for media, targeted publics and stakeholders. Fact sheets can be:

  1. Key data at-a-glance
  2. Glossaries
  3. Directories – e.g., key contacts, office list locations, etc.
  4. Questions and answers
  5. Suggested interview questions
  6. Texts/excerpts of speeches, reports, books, articles.

News release — Should be one page. Written an inverted pyramid style.


Media alert — You prepare a media alert to notify assignment editors of a press conference, or any other event that you believe will generate news for the media to cover. It is always one page, brief but compelling, and sufficiently informative to arouse interest, usually (but not necessarily) without giving away the story. It should make clear that there are visual opportunities for TV cameras and print photographers.



Review these media releases. Which principles from Made to Stick does this follow? How can it be changed?

Develop a better way to organize this fact sheet:

Develop a media alert based on this event:

Develop a media alert based on this event:


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