Monday’s PR Writing (COMM 3362)


  1. Update on grades — still need to submit papers, assignments, email me if I haven’t returned anything to you. 
  2. PRSSA dues — $55, due on or before November 1
  3. Update on portfolios 
    1. Start planning and building your portfolio. This may mean gathering your papers or building your site. Do something that will help you reach this goal. 

  4. Review of Chapter 6 
    1. Sample content calendar:
  5. Case: Wendy’s Twitter feed
    1. customer service/engagement and humor engagement
    2. 2-way communication: “it is shown that humor may only work in certain media, certain markets, certain messages, certain products, with certain brands or under certain market conditions…”
    3. how would you define the voice? 
  6. Case: CIA 
    1. no engagement, relationship building, only 1-way communication
    2. how would you define the voice? 
  7. Discuss this for the COMMUNICATION DEPARTMENT.
    1. Homework Assignment: Create a Content Calendar for at least three platforms, over a period of one week.
    2. Homework Assignment: Create a voice and tone document and a brand persona. 
  8. Internal/in-class project:
    1. #SpaceDay #StartAStoryAdopt #SocialPaws — The Shelter Pet Project – National Space Day
    3. — can use material from here. 
    4. Pet Holidays:
    5. Pet Holidays:
    6. Demographics of pet ownership:
    7. More demographics: n the past few years, pet ownership in the U.S. has undergone a generational shift. No longer do Baby Boomers represent the largest portion of pet owners; now Millennials are the largest segment. With more Millennial pet owners than ever before, it is critical for the pet industry to understand how Millennials differ from the other generations when it comes to pet ownership. The Generational Report explores this theme in greater detail.
  9. Choose one:
    1. Write for — — what’s the voice? 
    2. Write for — — what’s the voice? 

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