Sample Team/Group Contract

This is a sample contract for my PR Cases and Campaigns (Spring 2018) class to review.

Team Hopes and Concerns & Team Contract

We hope to gain the real world skills necessary to excel as public relations practitioners and students by working together to create a campaign the meets our clients’ needs and exceeds their expectations. This will earn each team member the desired grade of “A” upon completion of the course.


The team will be active listeners. We will be open and honest. We will also voice our concerns in a timely and dignified manner to ensure all issues are resolved. We will respond to e-mails and other forms of communication daily. We will communicate promptly about health and emergency issues.


Each team member will actively fulfill their roles as set forth in their job description and take on additional tasks as needed. We will meet self-imposed and group deadlines. If a conflict or emergency arises (illness, car accident, etc.) we will communicate this to our project manager and fellow team members immediately. Failure to comply with these standards will result in consequences as outlined in the course syllabus.


Our team name is Discovery. We are on a journey to discover the “how-to” of public relations by completing one of our first campaigns.


Slogan: “Working Wonders” Our goal is to exceed all expectations in light of any obstacles. In the end, we will wonder how we got it all done.

Logo: Our logo is a rocket. The rocket is reminiscent of the NASA shuttle “Discovery” that has made many journeys into space, a place to beyond most of our imagination. We want to make discoveries like those in space and work wonders with the information and skills we uncover throughout the course.

MISSION STATEMENT: As a team, develop a cohesive team mission statement integrating all team members’ ideas.

Delivering exceptional implementation of solutions to all of your problems in a timely and professional manner is our goal.

TEAM MEMBER ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Based on the assigned projects, please describe each member’s roles/responsibility for the quarter.

Uniqueka Jenkins- Project Manager

  • Support and Advise the team- set deadlines, mediate conflicts on minor scale, delegate tasks, coordinate meetings, be as available as possible to help the team succeed
  • Communicate with Dr. Tindall on behalf of the group
  • Actively participate in team assignments

Jean Bae- Special Events Coordinator

  • Update project manager a minimum of twice per week about work status
  • She will handle the planning of any special events.
  • She will be our point person for the budget and calendar. The team will assist her in any capacity she seeks.
  • She will offer input in all other areas as an active member of the team.

Melissa Davis- Editorial Specialist

  • Update project manager a minimum of twice per week about work status
  • She will be responsible for editing the pieces of our campaign book as needed and giving them a final review prior to submission of the entire campaign.
  • She will edit for AP style, grammatical errors, punctuation, spelling and voice.
  • This role is not intended to excuse any member from their role of personally proofreading their own work.

Ashleigh White- Design Specialist

  • Update project manager a minimum of twice per week about work status
  • She will select/create and appropriate image for our team logo
  • She will design our campaign book with feedback from the team- (logo positioning, colors, layout etc.)
  • She will design client materials also. (Press releases, media alerts, etc.)

Research Director (None)  and Research Assistant Biahnca Blood

  • Update project manager a minimum of twice per week about work status
  • This person leads the research effort.
  • He or she must make sure that the surveys are completed, the SWOT analysis is complete, and all evaluation materials are developed.
  • Compile the summary of secondary and primary research

TEAM AGREEMENT: Carefully outline the important policies that the team would like to follow. Address each question and add your own categories.

  1. How shall we work together in order to maximize the probability of reaching our goals?

Our team will communicate often, openly, and clearly.

  1. How do we want to address social loafing?

Social loafing will be addressed with a formal e-mailed warning to the individual for the first offense, provided loafing does not pose harm to teams overall academic performance. Ex. Loafing resulting in late work that inhibits team performance will result in escalation of consequences.

Second offense will be reported to Dr. Tindall.

Third Offense- We will request that Dr. Tindall remove you from our team.

  1. How do we want to handle lack of performance and failure to meet team commitments?
  • Warnings will be issued via e-mail for first offenses which can be deemed minor.


  • Minor infractions would include habitually missing schedule meetings without a valid exscuse or failure to respond to e-mails.

(Not responding means, no reply within 48 hours)


  • Reports to Dr. Tindall will be made for major infractions such as failure to meet group deadlines which result in failure to meet Dr. Tindall’s.


  • If you are behind our deadline and manage to meet those subscribed by Dr. Tindall consider yourself saved by the bell. This is a one-time use pass for each team member. Repeated saved by the bell behavior will be taken to Dr. Tindall to address because it causes the team undeserved stress and anxiety.


  1. How will we manage conflict?

If there is conflict that cannot be professionally resolved between individuals another team member may be asked to mediate.

If team mediation doesn’t work, we will approach Dr. Tindall for assistance.

If mediation with Dr. Tindall does not resolve the problem, one or both members could be dismissed.


  1. How do we handle disruptive behavior (physical, verbal, nonverbal)?

There will be zero tolerance for disruptive behavior. Disruptive people will be asked to leave group gatherings and sacrifice their right to have input on the matters being discussed. The third offense or an extreme offense of any kind will be reported to Dr. Tindall and police if necessary. (Ex. Of extreme would be physically or verbally assaulting/threatening someone.)

  1. What will the punishment be if a team member violates the agreement?

Major or ongoing offenses will be reported to to Dr. Tindall for her notation. Further violations will result in the request for the team members removal.

  1. Specifically state the penalties that a member may encounter if the tasks are not completed.
  • The student will be reported to Dr. Tindall
  • A second offense not related to a promptly reported emergency will result in team discussion of  appropriate consequences to suggest to Dr. Tindall
  • Request for a reduction in the individuals grade or removal from the team may be a consequence depending upon group deliberation, Dr. Tindall’s decision is final
  1. First violations will always be handled with a warning. If for some reason two violations are committed within a seven day period, the group member will be placed on probation for one week from the second infringement. Any violations during probation minor or major will be taken directly to Dr. Tindall.


  1. How will we conduct ourselves at meetings?

We will listen to each other.  We will take notes. We will honor the commitments we made at the meeting.

  1. How will we reward ourselves as a team?

We are going to praise each others’ hard work and encourage each other often. At the end of the semester if we achieve our desired goal, the team will gather for a celebration of their choice.

  1. How will be stay accountable? What documents do we need to double check accountability?

We will stay accountable by developing a buddy system in which team members check in on each other and monitor progress. Saving e-mails (w. attachments) and text messages should be sufficient documentation that people are talking to one another or submitting work according to deadline.


  1. Which team members will be responsible for checking the other?

Ashleigh and Jean will check on each other.

Brittany and Melissa will check on each other.

Uniqueka and Biahnca will check on each other.

You should check in with you partner every 48 hours or whenever you have a question or need feedback on something.


  1. What will be our plan to revisit our contract and quarter plan, partnership agreement, and other important documents?

We will revisit our contract after the midpoint to see if revisions need to be made. However, if issues arise sooner please direct your concerns to the entire team so that we can discuss prompt changes.


  1. What rules will be established to make revisions to the contract? (majority, consensus, leader etc)

Any changes to this agreement will need to be made via majority consensus. Since there is an even number of members, if a vote is deadlocked, the project manager will a) take a second vote excluding herself or b) Seek council from Dr. Tindall prior to making the final decision. The first will be used for minor decisions such as will the deadline be set for today or tomorrow. The second will be used for matters of greater consequence.

I hereby agree to the terms outlined by the team. (please turn in the original signature noted below)

Name:__Uniqueka Jenkins______________

Date: __6/17/11____________________

Name:_____Melissa Davis_________

Date: _____6/18___________

Name:____Jean Bae_______ _________

Date: _______6/18_________________

Name:___Bianca Blood_________

Date: ________6/18________________

  • Signatures have not been received for White and Hunt

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