Vickie York Fair Scholarship Application

Are you a Department of Communication student who is in the PR area?

If so, you should apply for the Vickie York Fair Scholarship.

Vickie York Fair was a public relations specialist for the Georgia Board of
Regents at the time of her death in August 1986. During her tenure at the Board, news
reporters knew her as an effective, cooperative public relations practitioner.
Before joining the Board of Regents, Vickie had edited the faculty/staff newsletter
at Georgia State University and had served on the editorial staff of Life Office
Management Association. She was vice president of the Georgia State Young Alumni
Council and active with communication alumni in the Atlanta area.
The award in her name is a tribute to Vickie’s professionalism, her sense of high
ethical standards and her devotion to the profession of public relations. It recognizes
GSU’s most outstanding public relations major.

The application deadline has been extended. Here are links to the applications: