Monday’s In-Class Writing Assignment: Let’s start on your social media assignment. 

  1. Pick your organization.

You can use one of the following organizations that are current class clients: 

Sick of your assigned class client? I totally understand. Do something else. Choose your internship or another campus group. Or, you can choose from this list of groups Dr. Tindall likes: 

2. Review the assignment. Confused? Directions unclear? Ask pertinent questions to Dr. Tindall.

3. Determine the publics/audiences that the organization is trying to reach.

4. Review the organization’s social media. [Look at the graphic in the module. There are more social sites than TikTok and Instagram that might be valuable to the organization (e.g., Yelp).]

Think about: What are its strengths? What are its weaknesses? What is the organization’s social media approach per the categories listed in your textbook? What is the brand personality, voice and feel? (This can be found in most messaging guides for the class clients.) Does the organization have an engaged following? How do they keep the audience engaged (e.g., contests, questions, polls)? Does the organization use trending topics? Is the writing crisp and concise? Does. the organization use correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling? Do they use alt-text? Are they using best practices for accessibility?

5. Look at the PESO chart. Find the social media section. Based on what is listed, What are they currently doing? What is missing?

6. Create a strategy based on the questions in the assignment.

7. And give them samples of the strategy: 3-5 examples of still content AND 2-5 examples of video scripts and ideas. The samples should speak to the audience/publics and be creative. This is your chance to be creative and have fun.