To-Dos for Desktop Publishing


We’ve made significant progress. But we still have some things to do for your client and in this class.

Side note: I saw Dr. Evans (the university president) last night. He mentioned your class project and what you were doing to help the Recruitment/Admission area, and he is excited to see what you have done.Let that be your motivation for the remainder of the class.

To-Do #1

If you have not submitted your empathy map, please do so immediately. Send it to

To-Do #2

Now that you have the persona, layer on secondary research about that public/target audience. Pull at least 10 key facts about your group from the resources below. (These are places to start. Look widely in the databases available at Lamar and online via Google Scholar.)

To-Do #3:

Next, you will need to work on page 3 of the handout that I gave you Tuesday. Work on the message and elevator pitch. Now that you know what you know about people who are at LU, what can/should we tell freshmen from your target audience about Lamar?

Regarding your messaging, it does not have to be perfect.

To-Do #4:

Type up the data from the handout and your key facts. Send to me by the start of Tuesday’s class.


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