Notes for today’s COMM 1321 class

Activities for today’s class

Part 1: Select three of the Business Keywords you are knowledgeable about.

Part 2: For each topic, create a thesis statement.

Part 3: Then apply the rules for the main points from this chapter to write two to five main points you would cover in delivering a presentation relevant to your thesis. Express each main point in a complete sentence.

Part 4: Prepare an introduction and a conclusion for the topics you developed.

Part 5: Then, exchange your paper with a classmate. Use the checklists for the introduction and conclusion found on p. 281 (Self-Assessment: Checklist of Organizing a Presentation)** to review each other’s introductions and conclusions.

** In case you don’t have your book, here is the checklist:

Does the introduction

  1. Capture the attention of your audience?
  2. Give your audience reasons to listen?
  3. Set an appropriate tone?
  4. Establish your qualifications, if necessary?
  5. Introduce your thesis and preview the content?

Does the body

  1. Use the most effective organizational pattern?
    1. Chronological
    2. Spatial
    3. Topical
    4. Cause-effect
  2. State your main points in complete sentences?
  3. Use your main points to develop your thesis?
  4. Contain no more than five main points?
  5. Express only one idea in each main point?
  6. State your main points in parallel strucutre if possible?

Do you have transitions that

  1. Refer to both recent and upcoming material, showing relationships between the two?
  2. Emphasize your important ideas?
  3. Clarify the structure of your ideas?
  4. Exist in all necessary parts of the presentation?
    1. Between introduction and body
    2. Between main points within the body
    3. Between body and conclusion

Does the conclusion

  1. Review your thesis and your main points?
  2. Conclude with an effective closing statement?


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