Qualitative Methods Research Proposal Outline

Title Page

Introduction (p. 9, Bloomberg and Volpe): “The introduction includes an overview of the purpose and focus of the study, why it is significant, how it is [will be] conducted, and how it will contribute to professional knowledge and practice.”

Review of Relevant Literature and Conceptual Framework (p. 10, Bloomberg and Volpe): This section will “situate the study in the context of previous research and scholarly material pertaining to the topic, presents a critical synthesis of empirical literature…., justifies how the study addresses a gap or problem in the literature and outlines the theoretical or conceptual framework of the study.”

Research Questions

Methodology (pp. 11-12, Bloomberg and Volpe): In this section, you will include “a detailed description of all aspects of the design and procedures of the study.” This include (1) rationale for research approach, (2) research setting and/or context, (3) research sample, (4) proposed data collection method, (5) proposed data analysis methods, and (6) issues of trustworthiness.


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