Monday, March 20: Introduction to Public Relations


  • Alumni Event
  • 2 Career Center Events


Group In-Class Activity:

Scavenger Hunt: 

Look through the Bateman Case Study site and the available documents to answer the following questions.**

  1. Who sponsors the Bateman Case Study Competition?
  2. Who is the client for this campaign?
  3. What does the client do? 
  4. What is its mission? 
  5. What inspired the initiative? 
  6. Is your client a nonprofit? 
  7. Is this campaign focused on internal or external communication? 
  8. What is your charge for this campaign?
  9. Fill in the blank: “A comprehensive campaign should be aimed at __________________________, encouraging everyone to pay attention to emotional well-being and educating about the _________________. A successful campaign will also strive to understand audiences by using outreach and data collection to evaluate how ___________________________________________________________________________.”
  10. Is this an international campaign, a national campaign, a regional campaign, or a  local campaign?
  11. What specific audiences should you target?
  12. Pick one of those targets. Where can you get additional information about that group’s psychographics, demographics, infographics, communication networks, and beliefs about mental health? (List all resources. Use only credible, verifiable sources.)
  13. What facts does the client provide about mental health in the United States?
  14. What local organizations could you partner with for this hypothetical campaign?
  15. Fill in the blank: “An essential element to the campaign will be the ______________ component through measurement of ________________ and _______________. This can be achieved through _________________________________.”
  16. What is an emoticon? 
  17. What are the Five Signs emoticons? What colors are the emoticons? 
  18. What are the colors of the arrows used the client?
  19. The client expects you to “develop a public relations campaign to further the goals and reach of the Campaign to Change Direction.” What does this include?


** Here are the documents you may need:


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