Research Karma: UF grad student is looking for lesbian PR practitioners for a research project

We all need good research karma. Help a researcher out by sharing their research proposals and calls for participants.

Here is the latest notice I received. It’s from Meredith Richmond, a masters student at the University of Florida:

  • The focus of my research is the gain a greater understanding of the lesbian experience working in the mass communications/public relations’ field.
  • Very little literature has been produced on this particular topic, so the need for this research is crucial.

Meredith aims to conduct 10-15 in-depth interviews with each participant personally. The interviews will take place over the phone and should not last longer than 45 minutes. The interview will consist of approximately 20 open-ended questions that the participant may answer confidentially.

Meredith’s research hope is “to learn about what is currently working and not working for lesbians in this field. I want to gain a deeper understanding of how sexuality can affect one’s career”

Note: You do not have to be “out” in order to participate in this research project. She is seeking a wide range of interviewees with varying levels of experience, geographic locations, and diversity.

To reach Meredith, contact her via email at marichmo(at)ufl(dot)edu.

Help a scholar out. Put some good research karma out into the universe. It might do your soul and your next research project some good.