Journal of Communication Inquiry Call for Papers

Journal of Communication Inquiry – Call for Papers

Special issue on Digital Feminist Media Studies

The Journal of Communication Inquiry invites submissions for the October 2016 special issue on topics incorporating critical cultural approaches to the intersection of user-generated culture and feminisms.

Recent media and communication scholarship has assessed the multiple and complex avenues of interaction between user-generated content and various feminisms—Black feminisms, transnational feminisms, postfeminisms—to highlight the impact of cultural production on users. Feminist scholarship acknowledges that beliefs, practices, and communities online are articulated in an online cultural landscape that demonstrates the vitality of gendered ways of thinking and living in a mediated world, as well as how online media shape and inform feminist philosophies.

A critical cultural approach to online media and feminisms is suited to emphasize emergent notions of meaning, power, and identity across online communities. JCI welcomes submissions that engage these intersections within theoretical and methodological approaches utilizing critical, cultural, and historical perspectives. Studies based in feminist epistemologies are welcomed, especially those committed to social transformation research.

Possible topics of inquiry are vast but could include:

Cyberstalking; online bullying; hacking; surveillance
Postfeminism and online entrepreneurship
Gamergate and online misogyny
Online activism and ‪#‎everydaysexism‬
Blogging, branding and class
Gendered disability and online organizing
Transnational identity and YouTube
Online sexual identity and popular culture
Gaze and online sex work
Female racial performance and social media
Selfies and authenticity
Indigenous cultures and online identity
Black feminism and digital music
The deadline for submitting manuscripts is 11:59 p.m. CST on February 15, 2016. Please contact Managing Editor Andrea Weare ( with questions.