The Wrap Up for June 14, 2015

Tips and Tools 

A PR pro’s guide for Reddit via 6 A.M.

A PR pro’s guide to getting started with video via prTini

60 Twitter tools for PR and marketing pros via PR Daily

This is your brain on emojis. Here’s how to use them in marketing via Buffer

How to write like an I.D.I.O.T. via Spin Sucks (Intrigue, do, intend, operate, and train.)

Land Rover creates an interactive Instagram adventure via Fast Company

Think pieces about creativity, social media and public relations

What can a burger teach us about creativity? via GrubStreet

Journal article: Online authenticity, popularity, and the “Real Me” in a microblogging environment via Joon Soo Lim‘s

“Would I lie for you?” Ethics and morals in public relations via Chartered Institute of Public Relations

Crowdforcing: When what I “share” is yours via Uncomputing

Guess who doesn’t fit in at work via New York Times (about cultural fit in the workplace)

When done carefully, selecting new workers this way can make organizations more productive and profitable. But cultural fit has morphed into a far more nebulous and potentially dangerous concept. It has shifted from systematic analysis of who will thrive in a given workplace to snap judgments by managers about who they’d rather hang out with. In the process, fit has become a catchall used to justify hiring people who are similar to decision makers and rejecting people who are not.

Et cetra of interest

Black women’s lives don’t matter in academia either (or why I quit academic spaces that don’t value Black women’s life and labor) via The Feminist Wire

The whiteness of public radio via BuzzFeed

Disciplining black bodies: Racial stereotypes of cleanliness and sexuality via Notches Blog

A short documentary on Times New Roman