Fall 2014 Doctoral Research Proseminar Presentations

GSU Department of Communication Graduate Program

Please consider attending some or all of the research presentations, scheduled for every Tuesday this spring term, connecting with the Doctoral Proseminar. All sessions occur in 830 Twenty Five Park Place (room 830 is the very large conference room on the 8th floor in the former SunTrust building, behind the reception area desk and to the left), Tuesdays 3:35 – 4:25.

On Sept. 2, Dr. Carrie Packwood Freeman will kick off this semester’s Proseminar series with a talk on Giving Voice to the Voiceless: Incorporating Nonhuman Animal Perspectives as Journalistic Sources.

Research papers will uploaded to a public Dropbox before Proseminar with the expectation that this will enable both shorter presentations (in the no-more-than-30-minute range) and more direct intellectual engagement in the Q&A period.

Note to students: Please bring the following form to your Proseminar presentation. This form must be submitted to Tawanna Tookes and is a required part of…

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